These Dumb Asses Are Kardashian-Krazy UPDATED SEE BOTTOM

“These Dumb Asses” are the press.

In case you live under a rock, “Kardashian-Krazy” usually refers to the super model family widely known as the Kardashians.

To specify: Kim Kardashian.

What is so cool about her any way. She is so plastic-surgery-ed that she does not look human.

Like alot of people, when I see a picture of her, all I can see is her big, fat ass.

But apparently, not enough people share my opinion. Because *gasp* Kim Kardashian still seems to make thecelebritynews every night.

I mean, does this chick get any privacy? I mean if I were her, the papparazzi would be cowering away from me as I told them to fuck off. So, while I hate her, I can sympathize her.

Sorry, guys, this post is mostly so that maybe, just maybe, somebody will stumble upon this post and fall in love with my blog.

UPDATE: Upon searching Google, I figured some others share my opinion of Kim’s tush!

Not a link, but go to this website to see 55 pics of examples where you just find yourself staring at her big butt.


Dear readers, I kid you not. Somebody actually has 55 photos of instances where you can only see her ginormous ass.

Go on, you know you want to. Go look and prove that I am right, because you know I am.


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